Making Boxing accessable for EVERYONE

We have experience and ongoing work with schools (including PRU) across Harrogate & also with social enterprises. We can open the gym and provide session tailored more towards those that may struggle in a group scenario or in general visiting the gym. These sessions can be organized at a time to suit you/your organization - give us a call today!

Since the start of 2024 we have also started working with NYCS (North Yorkshire Connected spaces) and provide sessions for the recovery & homeless community in Harrogate. Since April we have also secured funding for an additional young persons referral scheme for children who have been either directly or indirectly affected by addiction. Please contact myself of NYCS to attend.

"Thanks so much for both of your efforts with the kids. It makes my heart burst seeing their faces after your sessions. One of the kids' parents even contacted us to say they saw a huge diffrence in them stating ' they were a diffrent kid full of enthusasism' following a session with you. What you have done for their self esteem is unlike any other sport. Thank you- PRU worker after one our sessions working with PRU schools.